New year, new goals… old checklists!

Some checklists should never get old. Here is a reminder for all women out there. As we start yet another year, we need to remember that we, women are the foundation. Our health is paramount for all those around us. So, we decided to send a friendly reminder to you to get rocking! Here is your go-to check list for 2021. #womenshealthispower

1. Get that PAP. Cervical cancer is still one of the leading causes of genital cancer deaths in women. A cervical swab to test of abnormal cells and HPV can help in early diagnosis and treatment. It’s not fun but our compassionate team will make the process as comfortable as possible. We understand!

2. Do not forget your birth control. Whether they are refills for your pills or time for the IUD to be changed or time for the next shot, do not let the dates slip. Missing pills or being late for your shot can lead to accidental pregnancies. So, dig into your wallet for the next appointment card or just walk in!

3. STD testing. As we mentioned last month, 2019 saw the national rates of syphilis related newborn deaths rise by 126%. In addition HIV is still a risk. In NY alone, 376 women were newly diagnosed with HIV with nearly 500 deaths attributed to the deadly disease. We all tend to think that those STDs happen only to someone else. We could be that someone! Don’t become a number! Get tested, ask for PREP (HIV prevention meds) and ask your partner to be tested. There is no shame in safety!

4. Stock up on those supplements. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with diabetes, depression and dementia. Probiotics help keep your gut and above all that vagina healthy wealthy and wise! Visit our website for a full list of what is needed and when.

5. Get physical. Take that walk, do some jumping jacks or do that favorite yoga pose you have been missing out on because you been stuck at home working or caring for your loved ones! It takes only a few minutes out of your day and gives you 10X the benefits. The ROI on that one…. Is a no brainer.

If you have lost your insurance, don’t want bills for STD tests reaching your house or have a high deductible, just walk in and ask us for our, “Well Woman Package”. We specially designed this package to cover your pap, STD testing and an ultrasound so you don’t have to worry! #wegothis

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