Going Green? 4 Must Try Spots for Vegan Cuisine

Looking to change your diet? Perhaps that juicy steak is no longer doing it for you? Then now is the time to try plant-based food. As veganism and vegetarianism culture continues to grow, more and more local spots have been adopting the cuisine and putting their own twist on it. Not only is this food delicious and an easy meat substitute, but it’s significantly healthier for both our bodies and our environment. Still not sure if this is for you? Here are some restaurants that might change your mind. From Mexican classics to Asian fusion, there is something out there for everyone, even the biggest of carnivores.


no.5 Open at 5pm every day, no.5 is the perfect place to test the vegan waters for dinner, with dishes ranging from classic American, to Mexican to Italian. One such incredible dish is their chorizo tacos, made with Impossible meat and served with roasted red peppers, avocado, pico de gallo and coleslaw (one for $5, three for $13). However, the tacos only scratch the surface; no.5 has a very extensive menu that is sure to make your mouth water! Check out their website, www.no5nyc.com to see photographs of all their impressive dishes so you can pick your poison ahead of time.

35-43 37th St. 718.729.5665 | @no5nyc



Jujube Tree Jujube Tree will satisfy all of your Asian cuisine cravings. They serve both vegan and vegetarian food, for those not so committed to the plant-based life. One of their signature dishes is their General Tso’s Soy Protein which comes with tofu and steamed broccoli in a spicy brown sauce. It’s also served with a side of brown rice and choice of either miso soup or green salad (just $17!). This is a must for those out there who love their food with some heat!

35-02 30th Ave. 718.545.1888 | @jujube.tree




Tikka Indian Grill Tikka Indian Grill doesn’t only cater to our plant-based pals, so this is a great spot to check out with your friends who might still be skeptical. Recently, they have launched vegetarian paneer tikka masala ($15), saag paneer ($14), tofu mushroom jalfrezi ($15) and vegan korma, vindaloo and curry, all featuring Impossible-brand “meat” ($17). Tikka assures us that their “wide variety of dishes, with different flavors and spices allow [their] guests to experience a wide pallet of what Indian cuisine truly has to offer.”

www.tikkaindiangrill.com. 34-14 30th Ave. 718.255.1085 | @tikkaindiangrill



Savage Sicko This relatively new joint’s slogan is “so good, we make a shark go vegan!” They are a Latin vegan restaurant that is 100% plant-based. Their extensive menu includes ceviche, mac and cheese and even pressed juices. Chief Executive Alex explains that “as a brand [they] want to draw attention to the extinction of the sharks and the ongoing pollution of our oceans” by using a shark as their “spirit animal.” Try their tasty palmito ceviche with heart of palm, red onion, lime juice, cilantro, bell peppers, avocado, hominy, grape tomato and spiced sunflower seeds ($12).

37-10 31st Ave. 718.433.9437 | @savagesickoastoria



In this day and age with such a wide array of dietary restrictions, Astoria is fortunate to have so many different cuisines right at our fingertips. Don’t forget to order for pick-up or delivery and try these delectable dishes during these trying times for us all! Support local businesses! No animals were harmed in the making of this article.