Astoria Businesses Bring Christmas Tree Cheer to Athens Square

Just in time for the holiday season! A group of Astorian business owners, led by property management owner, Gus Lambropoulos, and in collaboration with the non-profit Athens Square Inc. has come together to fund a beautiful Christmas Tree display in Athens Square. 

The 27-foot tall tree with be installed at Athens Square Park on 30th Avenue on Friday, November 20th. And they will be hosting a Tree Lighting Ceremony complete with Christmas Carol Singers on Wednesday, December 2nd at 6 PM. 

These primarily Greek-American and Italian- American business owners have been happy to work together to organize this event and bring some joy to the neighborhood. They hope to give families a place to make memories and celebrate the diversity, community, and strength of Astoria. This will be the first time such a display is hosted in Athens Square. 

Businesses worked to raise $25,000 for the purchasing, maintenance, and decoration of the tree which will be open for families, friends, and individuals to visit throughout the holiday season. It’s going to be a great gathering place to take photos and celebrate the cheerful community under the bright, multi-colored lights, decorations, and a huge star on top. 

We have the following to thank for this wonderful neighborhood event:  Gus & Maria Lambropoulos, Sacco and Fillas, LLP, the real estate firm, NYC Space Finders, Tonino Sacco & Family, Elias Fillas & Family, Luca Di Ciero & Family, Antonopoulos Funeral Home, Inc., Gus Antonopoulos & Family, Farenga Funeral Home, Alma Bank, Rock Health & Fitness, and Athens Square Inc.  

Sacco & Fillas writes via Facebook/Instagram, “It is our pleasure to be part of this magnificent event that will hopefully bring a sense of unity to all the diverse ethnic groups in our community.”

The 15 feet wide tree will be supplied from Egan Acres Tree Farm, a Yonkers-based-company that has been a trusted supplier and decorator of world record-breaking Christmas Trees. The organizers have worked with Egan Acres to source a “Norway Spruce” from Pennsylvania, and it is scheduled to arrive on a large flatbed truck on November 20th morning. Once erected with a crane, they will spend the next 5 hours decorating the gigantic tree. All in preparation for the ceremony the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving.  

The Christmas Tree is planned to be on display until January 20th, 2021. 

All visitors are encouraged to wear masks to the park and maintain social distancing when gathering. Everyone’s cooperation will be essential to ensuring the space remains a safe and welcoming environment for everyone to celebrate.