Fall’s Hottest Trends That Are Probably Already in Your Closet

Staying at home definitely put many of us in a fashion rut. Who else has been living in their pajamas and loungewear? As months continue to pass by with this uncertainty, many people are plain sick of it and ready to embrace some kind of new normal. I think it is safe to say that Fall fashion is definitely resurrecting and giving people a little motivation to start getting dressed up and look more put together again. Economically speaking, let’s be real. It may not be the time for a complete wardrobe overhaul, nor the time to waste money on frivolous trends that are sort of here today and gone tomorrow. But I’m willing to bet this trend lineup includes items that are already in your closet only to have been forgotten or neglected by you for the past several months or years. It’s time to bring them back!

Here are some of the Fall & Winter trends for this year.


Be it a dainty necklace, choker, or pendant chain, you definitely have a piece or two laying around. Why not wear them together? Double, triple, quadruple up on those because the layered look is back in.


If you thought that animal prints were purely a thing of the past, think again. Jungle and farm animals alike; everyone is welcome to the party this season. Be it a sweater or scrunchie, fear not- that print item you set aside years ago is back and thriving.



That color of pumpkin spice lattes and fall leaves is one of the hottest of the season. It is somewhat of a pop of color, yet still, sort of neutral so there is lots of versatility in this hue. It is a perfect complement to the seasonal surroundings.


It is kind of a no brainer. When you’re unsure how to style something, try playing around with different shades of the same color, and layering up. It is an effortless way to utilize different pieces in your wardrobe without giving it much thought and still is especially fashion-forward right now.


So that plaid blazer you think you have no use for now since you’re working from home? HUGE this fall season. You may not be in the office or in school yet, but plaid and preppy looks are still such a major trend for when you do decide to step out of the house.