Fix Your Face: Halloween Makeup Done the Right Way This Year

As with most things in 2020, there’s lots of uncertainty around what Halloween celebrations will be like this year. We can definitely expect that any festivities will have to be adjusted as we learn to navigate the new social climate and social distancing regulations. If you do plan on getting festive this year (responsibly of course), even dressing up will require taking some extra precautions if you intend to get professional makeup done.

It is important to be knowledgeable about the safety practices to expect from your makeup artists and how to prepare, especially if you plan on inviting them into your home.

Have a discussion with your artist prior to booking regarding safety plans, health concerns, working environment, and artist expectations. Remember, your makeup artist also has the right to ask any questions related to their own health and safety expectations on the day of the job.

A minimum six feet of distance should be maintained between workstations. Artists should wear a tight-fitting mask at all times with goggles and face shields as an additive. Both makeup artists and clients should be sure to properly wash any dirty brushes, tools, and working palettes.

Be sure to disinfect all frequently touched areas with disinfection products (60-80% IPA or ETA, or soap and water) and make sure they are completely dry before use. Single-use disposables (lip brushes, mascara wands, and sponges) are the best way to avoid cross-contamination. Reusable beauty sponges, makeup brushes, and applicators should be kept for one specific client and properly disinfected before the next use. To further decrease the chance of contamination, artists should create “working stock”, or a small portion of the product placed in a disinfected container for each client.

These tips are also useful even if you are not a professional artist and the guidelines are equally important to abide by if you plan on sharing or doing makeup with other family members and friends.

If you are looking to get your makeup professionally done this year, artist Bryan Bonilla will be taking Halloween appointments. Halloween looks are his favorite, as this type of makeup allows him to truly express his creativity. Be sure to check out his Instagram @bryannbonilla and message him for rates as prices may vary.

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