Spirit Halloween Offers All Things Spooky

Pop-up Officially Opens Off Steinway

As someone who relishes the smell and bright hues of pumpkins, artificial cobwebs around my apartment, and putting together an elaborate costume every year, I cannot stay away from local Halloween stores.

To be frank, I do not like going into the city to find the missing ingredients to my spooky season attire. Rather than dragging myself into Manhattan or spending hours making a costume, I find that all I need to celebrate my favorite holiday is located at Spirit Halloween off of Steinway.

The famous pop-up opened its doors on September 5th next to the Banana Republic outlet. Of course, I was there that day. Last year, the business was located in the former Ricky’s Steinway storefront, but to my excitement, now has three times the space at their new location.

“I love Halloween and a store dedicated to my favorite holiday of the year sounds super fun. With everything going on, I feel like we need something to look forward to,” shared resident Gabriela Taboas.

I was not the only Astorian who took the first chance I got to visit the store full of creepy delights. While I checked out at the register two kids ran inside in complete awe and giddiness. One of them pointed to the animatronics displayed at the front of the store and gasped at the sight of the children’s costume section.

Trick or treaters and Halloween enthusiasts alike will find everything needed for their home or costume at the seasonal store. As with all Spirit Halloween shops, the merchandise is organized by costumes (child and adult), accessories, decor, props and animatronics. Costumes are also organized by theme or fandom, such as Stranger Things, Hocus Pocus, pirates, superheroes, and more. I personally left the store with a Friday the 13th wall decor and a Beetlejuice face mask and magnet!

31-08 Steinway St. | 866.586.0155

Monday-Saturday: 10am-9pm and Sunday: 11am-7pm