5 Tips on Having A Great and Safe Sex Life During COVID-19 From Dr. Adeeti Gupta of Walk-In GYN

In the last 5 months, we have all been coping with the pandemic in any and every way. This month, we want to focus on your sexual health and how you can bring back that oomph and do so safely!

  1. Finding desire while being locked up!

It’s not easy to get that spark of sexual excitement if you have been locked up in a confined space for months together and have not seen another soul except those in the grocery stores. Here are some tips that help!

  • Find designated spaces in your house that are aka your own personal “day” spaces.
  • Find a common area where you will meet on your “breaks” aka the water fountain .
  • Maintain a schedule and respect it. No lollygagging around!
  1. Make sure your sexual partner is not suffering from Covid or is at risk!

Not all of us live with their partners. How do you know that you are safe while spending intimate moments with your loved one who you have been apart from all these months or some one you just met online? 

  • Ask!! Ask if they or someone they live with have symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of breath.
  • Ask if they have been in close contact with anyone traveling from any of the high-risk states.
  • If any of the above is a yes, we suggest waiting two weeks and asking your partner to get tested if feasible.

3. Do you have your birth control worked out?

Take stock of your prescription status and refills left. You do not want to go away for that much awaited road trip and run out of your pill because…

  • Many doctor’s offices are still working limited hours or closing. 
  • You may be due for your annual and BP check and your doctor is not able to give you any more refills!
  • Does your IUD need a check up to make sure it’s correctly placed?

4.  Are you aware that all STDs (specially Gonorrhea) have again been on the rise in the last 5 months, Covid or not?

  • Do not be afraid to ask any new partner for their STD test results.
  • Do not forget to pack that condom that will protect you.
  • Many GYN offices will have free condoms (as does ours). Just ask!
  • If you did have unprotected sex, please get checked as soon as possible!

5. Schedule a sexy date!

  • Name a day, time and a place (could be that corner of the house which you never got to explore)
  • Plan a secret sexual activity. 
  • Let your partner build up excitement through healthy anticipation.
  • Don’t forget those flowers (or just draw some) and the chocolate covered strawberries to add to the mix!

Just remember, “Whatever the obstacle may be, we will find the best path forward!” 

No one can stop us from having great and safe sex! Not even COVID!!

Be safe, be strong and be prepared!

Walk-In GYN Care team

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