Astoria Resident In Police Custody After Bomb-Making Materials Found In Home

An Astoria man was taken into police custody following a fire at his Queens building. Reports indicate that hours after the fire, bomb-making materials were also found at the scene.

At approximately 8PM last night, authorities were called to the two-story building located on 19th Street, near Astoria Park, when they received a call about a suspicious package at the location mere hours after a fire broke out in the same building.

According to ABC-7, the suspect has been identified as Marak Squires, 37. Squires is said to reside in the downstairs apartment, and was described as ‘an emotionally disturbed person’. He is currently hospitalized and has been charged with reckless endangerment.

While authorities did not find an assembled device, they did come across books on explosives, as well as chemicals and other suspicious items.

This is a developing story…