Iggy Terranova: Running For The People

Image courtesy of Iggy Terranova, Democrat Nominee for New York State Senator.

Iggy Terranova is no stranger to serving his community. For over 20 years, Terranova worked for the New York Department of Sanitation where he worked his way up from sanitation worker to the Citywide Community Affairs Officer. In this position, Terranova represented both the Department of Sanitation and the Mayor’s office; in constant contact with every city politician and present at meetings in order to ensure the quality of life for New York City residents.

After retiring from the Department of Sanitation, Terranova decided to expand his political platform in service of New York and its residents. On June 23rd, Democratic candidate Iggy Terranova will be running against incumbent State Senator Michael Gianaris.

“Gianaris has forgotten where he came from, he is a career politician. I am one of us, I am not a career politician. I literally spent the last 20 years cleaning and sweeping the streets of New York. It’s time to make a change for the right because our current leaders are leading us in the wrong direction” said Terranova.

What does he believe are the biggest issues plaguing the neighborhood at the moment? The loss of jobs and bail reform, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Terranova states that, if elected, both issues will be addressed as soon as he is sworn into the office of State Senator.

The candidate believes State Senator Gianaris’ vocal opposition of the Amazon deal in Long Island City destroyed the potential for thousands of jobs in our area. Said Terranova: “I definitely would like to see Astoria as a hub where people feel they can come live in, come to work. The biggest issue right now is jobs, especially with the current COVID-19 pandemic and because my opponent who killed the Amazon deal. Those are jobs we would have had here, now”.

As for bail reform, Terranova is a firm believer in reforming the current bail laws, but with more ‘common sense’. He has noticed and tracked an uptick in crime throughout the city, and believes if elected, he can enact change that can benefit both sides of the aisle.

Terranova’s biggest aim? To unite New Yorkers and be the candidate against any further division. “We live in the greatest city in the entire world. Once I win, I will do everything I can for everybody. Whether you voted for me or did not, if you call, I will find somebody to help you”, said Terranova.

The primary election will be held on June 23rd. To learn more about State Senator Candidate Iggy Terranova, you may visit his official campaign website here.

For additional information on the upcoming June 23rd election, please visit the NYC Board of Elections website here.

Astorians, early voting is being held at the Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35th Avenue) from June 13-21! 

Hours for voting at the Museum of the Moving Image, through June 21st, are as follows:

Saturday, June 13: 10AM-4PM
Sunday, June 14: 10AM-4PM
Monday, June 15: 7AM-3PM
Tuesday, June 16: 12PM-8PM
Wednesday, June 17: 12PM-8PM
Thursday, June 18: 10AM-6PM
Friday, June 19: 7AM-3PM
Saturday, June 20: 10AM-4PM
Sunday, June 21: 10AM-4PM