Shady Lady Is Looking To Make An Experience Out Of Take-Out

Images courtesy of The Shady Lady.

Shady Lady’s owner Billy Pappas is learning to adapt day by day to the COVID19 situation. Times are definitely tough with having to make so many cuts, and having no certainty in tomorrow. Till things get better, business is just about learning to adjust with the times.

There are economic difficulties across the board. Pappas has tried to remain conscious of this, trying to keep prices down and has started to offer new and cheaper alternatives at Shady Lady. There is a lot in the works and tons of new menu items to look forward to. If you aren’t able to have the experience of dining in, Shady Lady is introducing new ways to create an experience for take-out. Since opening their patio doors, Shady Lady will now be offering curbside hotdogs, a NYC favorite brought to us in Astoria with a more gourmet twist. They will also be adding to their famous brunch menu with their new “brunch on the run” breakfast sandwiches. Definitely not your average B.E.C. The cocktails to-go have been a popular item especially since lockdown, including their well loved sangrias, specialty mixed drinks, and they have now debuted their slushy frozen cocktails, all available curbside.

The Shady Lady Astoria

Pappas agrees with many others in that the best way to help your local businesses would be ordering direct from the restaurant’s website, by phone, or by even popping in. The door is always open and hopefully people will be getting out more as the weather and situation improves. Shady Lady has also made efforts to contribute to the community with donations to local clinics, Mt Sinai hospital and is proud to include that for each take out order, a dollar is donated to No Kid Hungry.

The Shady Lady Astoria