COVID-19 Survivor Gives Back to Mount Sinai Queens!

Image courtesy of Mount Sinai Queens.

On April 9th, 75-year old Woodside resident Sonia Atieh was experiencing shortness of breath, accompanied by a fever. Because of her symptoms, Atieh was admitted to Mount Sinai Queens where she was intubated following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

The patient remained on a ventilator until April 17th. And, just in time for her granddaughter’s sixth birthday, she received a clean bill of health and was discharged on April 28th. Sonia Atieh, along with her two children and three grandchildren, were so grateful to her incredible doctors for their care that the family decided to give back in the form of a donation to the doctors, nurses, and staff who helped save her life.

Image courtesy of Mount Sinai Queens.

Atieh’s daughter and son-in-law, Pete and Tatiana Tsempelis, are the owners of Mediterranean Diner in Bellmore, Long Island and made the donation as a token of gratitude for the incredible care their mother received.

Give Me Astoria would like to thank the healthcare heroes at Mount Sinai Queens, Sonia Atieh, and her family for allowing us to share this wonderful story! If you would like to learn more about Ms. Atieh’s recovery, please find a video, courtesy of Mount Sinai Queens of Sonia Atieh’s discharge from the hospital upon her incredible recovery. Speaking with Atieh is Dr. Meir Cohen – Attending Family Medicine Physician at Mount Sinai Queens.