Astoria’s Shore Boulevard closed to vehicular traffic indefinitely

Image by Clive Cadillo.

Shore Boulevard, located in Astoria Park, has been closed indefinitely to traffic in an effort to increase social distancing measures.

The decision comes following the amount of traffic despite efforts to keep residents complying with social distancing orders. It should be noted that Shore Boulevard still remains open for pedestrians.

The Astoria Park Alliance, a park advocacy group, strongly pushed for the area’s closure to vehicular traffic for public safety in an effort to increase social distancing measures in the fight against COVID-19.

Senator Michael Gianaris also praised the closure of Shore Boulevard to traffic in a tweet released yesterday. Senator Gianaris wrote: “NYPD will CLOSE Shore Blvd to vehicular traffic to combat tailgating which, despite repeated warnings, was still taking place in defiance of social distancing directives. Will remain open for pedestrians. Be smarter, folks. It’s not just your own lives at stake.”

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