Have you tried Savage Sicko yet?

Eco-friendly, delicious, and in Astoria? That’s right, Savage Sicko, Astoria’s newest fully vegan establishment is now open!

Savage Sicko was created by Alex Ayala as a lifestyle brand encouraging individuals to chase their dreams. Following years of playing professional soccer around Europe, Ayala returned to New York to study his other passion: mixology. It was discovering his passion for crafting conceptual cocktails, combined with his knowledge of nutrition, that led him to create and bottle his Savage Sicko drinks.

As for the shark logo? Ayala wanted to raise awareness to the ongoing pollution in the Earth’s notions while keeping that ‘shark’ mentality to always strive for the best. Thus, Savage Sicko’s shark logo was born.

La Cha Cha Arepa. Image via Savage Sicko (@savagesickoastoria) Instagram.

Located at 37-10 31st Avenue, Savage Sicko is 100% vegan, and makes use of fresh delicious ingredients to craft the best in sustainable Latin dining in the area. Diners can expect items such as ranging from arepas to Mexican-style Mac n cheese, to desserts such as blueberry cheesecake and açaí bowls.

Tres Leches Cake. Image via Savage Sicko (@savagesickoastoria) Instagram.

Be sure to check out Savage Sicko if you enjoy delicious local dining with a valuable message for sustainability. Best of luck to the team at Savage Sicko!

If you would like to learn more about Savage Sicko, you may visit its official website, in addition to its official Instagram profile.

Image via Savage Sicko (@savagesickoastoria) Instagram.