Hey, Astoria: who’s got the best fries?

Fries: a universally-loved food. Wherever you go on the planet, you’ll likely find some sort of variation of the classic french fry. And who can blame you? Fries are delicious and something that can be part of anyone’s diet, from carnivore to vegan.

Thankfully for us, Astoria has an abundance of delicious, perfectly crispy fries. From classic diner spots to late-night eats, here’s our list of some of the best fries in town:


Image via Compton’s (@comptons.nyc) Instagram.

While Compton’s is generally known for their delicious variety of sandwiches, their steak fries are just as noteworthy. Seasoned just right, these thick cut fries contain the perfect ratio of crunch on the outside with mash on the inside. Did we mention the delicious trio of dipping sauces they come with?

Where: 30-02 14th St.
Telephone: 917-745-0573
Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM-9PM
Sat: 8:30AM-5PM
Sun: 9AM-4PM
Website: https://www.comptonsastoria.com/

Koroni Souvlaki & Grill

Image via Koroni Souvlaki and Grill (koroni_souvlaki_grill) Instagram.

Elevating the already delicious french fry, Koroni Souvlaki and Grill takes it a step further with the addition of freshly crumbled feta and oregano. Consider it a Greek twist on a timeless classic.

Where: 29-37 Newtown Ave.
Telephone: 718-489-8820
Hours: Tues-Sun: 12PM-10PM
Website: https://koroni-souvlaki-and-grill.business.site/

Sanfords Astoria

Image via Sanfords Astoria (@sanfordsastoria) Instagram.

Sanfords Astoria has got a treat for our more traditional french fry lovers: sliced perfectly and seasoned with the right amount of salt, Sanfords Astoria’ fries are the go-to for anyone who loves the timeless diner fries.

Where: 30-13 Broadway
Telephone: 718-932-9569
Hours: Sun-Thurs: 8AM-1AM
Fri-Sat: 8AM-2AM
Website: https://www.sanfordsnyc.com/


Image via KXBURGERBAR (@kxburgerbar) Instagram.

Burgers and fries go hand-in-hand, kind of like peanut butter and jelly. So, it may come as no surprise to some that some of the best hand-cut fries in the neighborhood can be found at a burger spot. While diners have the choice of plain fries with their delicious burgers, KXBURGERBAR also offers the option of their crispy fries topped with melted cheese and bacon bits.

Where: 29-04 Ditmars Blvd.
Telephone: 646-606-4835
Hours: Mon-Thurs: 4PM-10PM
Fri-Sat: 12PM-11PM
Sun: 12PM-10PM
Website: https://kx-burger-bar.business.site/

The Sparrow Tavern 

Image via The Sparrow Tavern (@the_sparrow_tavern) Instagram.

What’s better than basket of fries? I’ll raise you one basket of fries, topped with some rosemary. Who said green couldn’t be delicious? The Sparrow Tavern’s rosemary fries are considered to be a not-missed item at this widely-loved Astoria establishment.

Where: 24-01 29th St.
Telephone: 718-606-2260
Hours: Mon-Fri: 12PM-4AM
Sat-Sun: 10AM-4AM
Website: http://www.thesparrowtavern.com/about.html

Which are some of your favorite fries in the neighborhood? Do you think we missed any must-try Astoria fries? Let us know in the comments below!