Viral national news story highlights health risk of dip powder manicures

Believer in dip powder manicures? You might want to rethink that.

Nail salons across the country are pulling the dip powder service from their offerings, as a news story by ABC 7 was released, highlighting the serious health risks a dip powder manicure can pose to a customer.

Basically, a dip powder manicure consists of customers choosing a nail color, then dipping their hands into a powder jar which is finished off with a specific bonding polish.Dip powder manicures have become increasingly popular over the years due to the non-usage of UV rays, as well as the manicure’s durability.

So, what’s the issue? Each time an individual dips their hands into the powder, they could potentially be releasing a fungus or bacteria into the powder, some of which the patron themselves might not be aware they even have. This poses a health risk for the next person who dips their hand into the powder, specifically if they are susceptible to illness or infection, such as pregnant women or people with already compromised immune systems.