Turn your hair into a work of art at Art Room Hair & Spa!

Let me get this out of the way: Art Room Hair & Spa, located on the second floor at 31-08 30th Avenue, is not only a good salon—but a great one. So, the logical question becomes this: what separates the great salon from an average one? Personally speaking, customer service is what differentiates between a decent experience and a truly memorable one.

No sooner than when I walked in, owner Sandra greeted me with a friendly smile … not the generic ‘welcome to my salon, now let’s get to work’ one, but the real deal. Almost as if I ran into an old friend who just happened to be a hair genius. To be honest, I don’t know right from left when it comes to hair—I know basic styles, and I practically use the same hair routine daily, so needless to say I was a little apprehensive going into the experience.

After offering me a beverage, Sandra got to work and explained to me what exactly she was going to do with my hair: a quick hair treatment and a wash & blowout. As we began, a few things I noticed that really sealed the deal for me were the fantastic playlist (I’ve yet to hear Depeche Mode at any other salon I’ve been to), and the clean, open space. I had been to the location before it was Art Room on a number of occasions, and Sandra & her team did a fantastic job setting up their new location.

Sandra made the entire hair process from start to finish totally comfortable and friendly, while explaining to me step by step what exactly she was doing. Like I mentioned above I, unlike Sandra, am not a hair guru so this was an extra detail I greatly appreciated.

If you’re looking for a hair styling experience that’s fresh, welcoming, and true to its name get to Art Room ASAP! Below are some photos of the space, as well as my ‘after’ photos. For more information on Art Room Hair & Spa, visit their website here, as well as their Instagram page.