It’s The Perfect Time for It’s Personal Baby!

It’s Personal Baby is here just in time to make finding that special gift for the little ones a whole lot easier.

With the holidays around the corner, some of us may feel a little overwhelmed by the pressure of getting the perfect gift, especially for the little ones in our lives. Do they already have this toy? Will ~that~ beloved character still be a thing in a few months from now? Is this outfit Insta worthy?! Fear not, It’s Personal Baby is here just in time to make finding that special gift for the little ones a whole lot easier.

It’s Personal Baby is a brand which aims to create and design a logo specific to one’s child. Once the custom logo is agreed upon, it can be applied to a variety of personalized items, such as clothing, pillows, blankets, schoolbags, cups, and much more.

The innovative concept was founded by Eleni Louca, a graphic designer based in Astoria who was inspired to create custom products tailored to individual children when her daughter returned from school one day with Tupperware with the child’s name on a plain piece of tape in smudged marker. Louca began to design products for her daughter to bring to school, and the designs made such an impression with fellow parents that she decided it was time to expand upon her initial idea, thus creating It’s Personal Baby.

It’s Personal Baby officially launched in October 2018, and has already created over 50 designs with no signs of slowing down. Eleni Louca credits her hard work ethic with her upbringing in Astoria, in addition to her time living in Cyprus. “I feel like living [in Astoria] everything is possible and nothing is out of reach. You hear so many stories of people who started from zero and became something…you can test everything and go for it, and have no fear” says Louca.

Customers can expect production to take approximately 10-12 business days, and about 3 weeks for items to be received. For those who order between now and the end of the month, shipping is free if the code FS1819 is applied, as indicated on the website. As of now, It’s Personal Baby items can be designed from infancy to age 5. Additionally, Louca hopes to expand upon designs and products in the coming future, such as boots and matching bed sets.

For parents who would like a completely custom design for their child, It’s Personal Baby can be reached via email at [email protected]. Happy shopping, Astoria!

Use Code: FS1819  For Free Shipping! 
Email: [email protected]