The Dream Organization

The Dream Organization is an Astoria based professional organizing service that helps people declutter their home, add a new system of organization in their living space, and manage the relocation of offices for businesses. 

Owner of Dream Organization – Andrea

Andrea Montali, an Astoria local, founded the business in 2017, after having noticed a demand in her previous position – designer for California Closets – for organizational plans and maintenance. 
It wasn’t long after that that Andrea started branching out, putting together a service plan that encompassed not only organization at a home base level, but also in a corporate setting, where she soon began lecturing on things like; filing productivity, calendar and time management, layout designs and relocation. 
The Dream Organization’s most focused point however, is in home design and planning. 
Andrea understands the importance in fitting your home, be it a house or an apartment, with furniture, closet space and accessories that enhance the space without cluttering it. 
One of Andrea’s favorite things to organize is clothes. Having worked in retail visual merchandising at LuLu Lemon, among other fashion labels, Andrea has a passion for helping others see the value of clothes maintenance. 
One of the major benefits her clients will receive is time. “We use a year of our lives looking for things” Andrea says. “More often than not, people will go out and buy something they may already have, because they can’t find it and end up losing too much time (and money)“. 
This can result in stress for the person that then spreads into other aspects of their lives. A stress free and organized home is key to external success, according to Andrea. A person who can relax in their own environment will often lead healthier and more productive lives than a person who lives in a messy and stress full place. 
When dealing with family homes, Andrea says that organizing and planning goes a long way. The family meeting is the first step in finding out what to keep and what to throw away. Getting kids involved also helps in teaching them how to manage their time and their rooms. 

So what’s the service I need? 

If you’re wondering what kind of organizing service you need, then here are some of the services Andrea offers. 
Seasonal Services – New York is a seasonal city, and there’s no point in keeping all your winter wear in the same closet as your summer stock. Declutter with Andrea’s 90 Minute Maintenance special, and make sure you always have room to spare. 
Consultations are FREE from 30 Minutes to an Hour, depending on the space, and Andrea can walk you through her proposal and estimation of project time, along with a shopping list of things needed; such as hangers, baskets ect..
Andrea is very hands on in her work. Clients are treated to flat rate programs, face time, emails and full plans on organization of their specific type of space. 
One of the most attractive aspects of the job is the passion Andrea has and the pride she feels when clients call and thank her for helping them remove unwanted stress from their lives. 
For a lot of people, making sense of their homes can be a daunting and sometimes impossible task. Having someone come in, reorganize their entire space, and declutter their lifestyle can change a persons life. All of a sudden they come home to a comfortable space where they can relax and turn of their brain from a hard New York day. Something most of us need. 
For those Astorians and New Yorkers looking for help, Andrea is offering a 20% Back To School Promo on all her services. A great offer for all those hard working moms!
For more information on Andrea and the Dream Organization, along with prices and services, please visit:
Call: Andrea: 646-339-8346
*Featured and All other images in this article were given via Andrea (owner of Dream Organization)