Check Out Astoria’s Spooky Haunted Halloween House

It’s the spooky season when all the goblins and witches come out to play – and it seems that there is one house in Astoria they’re all heading to.

With help from friends and family, Vicky Poumpouridis has been scaring Astorians since 2008 with her Halloween home. This year is no different. Astorians can see gruesome Freddy Krueger, psychotic Jason, Ghosts, Witches, spiders and more all spookily lit up in this creepy front yard.

Have any more scary houses in Astoria? Send in your pics!

Poumpouridis told Gothamist that her and her friends, including Amy Hsieh who took the picture above, that they’ve been working on weekends for a month to finish the horror story.

For all those who are courageous enough to go for a wonder, you can see the Halloween house on 26th Street (between Ditmars Avenue and 23rd Avenue).

But trick or treaters beware, scares are plentiful!

*Featured Image Via Amy Hsieh Wu/Gothamist