Queens Kickshaw To Close Its Doors For New Type Of Eatary

The Queens Kickshaw first opened its doors in March of 2011. It didn’t take too long until it became a popular Astoria hot spot. Astorians and New Yorkers alike would line up for a taste of some; mac and cheese, brunch, grilled cheese, hard cider, inventive breakfasts and cocktails, among many other delicious choices.

Owners Jennifer Lim and Ben Sandler via Kickshaw

However, owners Jennifer Lim and Ben Sandler announced that Kickshaw will be closing it’s doors on August 27th. More than six years after first opening. The decision, according to a statement on their website, was made to address “growing business challenges, and reinvent ourselves.”

In the statement, which also got a lot of attention on their Facebook page, the owners stated:

Dearest friends, today we announced that we are closing our doors on Sunday, August 27. Come visit us in the next two weeks, and join us at our closing party that evening. Stay in touch in a couple of different ways, and find out more about what we’re doing next via our website (http://www.thequeenskickshaw.com/). We are honored to have been part of your lives all these years.

The owners also took a moment to thank the people that made Kickshaw possible, sharing their love with friends, and employees alike:

It has also been our incredible privilege to have been a launching pad for so many talented people who have worked at Kickshaw. They are chefs, dancers, beverage professionals, singers, poets, writers, PhD pursuers, activists, photographers, filmmakers, sound engineers, moms, and dads. We are honored to have both challenged and supported them.

It was a crazy ride for the past few years, having Kickshaw at our doorstep. The smiling service, quality food and unique decor gave Astorians a taste of something different.

Events like live music, farmer’s markets and cider promotions were always a treat.

What do you think of Queens Kickshaw closing doors?

But don’t fret, because a new creation will be on the way. The owners are confidant that the spirit of Kickshaw will always remain a solid foundation and will work to maintain the workplace environment they worked hard to build.

The closing party will start at 6PM and will end at 11PM on the last day of operation.

The renovations should take about a month, according to the owners. The space will reopen with an entirely new look and feel in October.

*Featured image via Kickshaw Website