Goat Season At Socrates Sculpture Park

There are now nearly 20 goat statues getting erected throughout Socrates Sculpture Park. The statues are all for the new exhibit opening this weekend by artist Nari Ward. This will be the first time that the waterfront park has showcased a show by a single artist, according to the press release.

The show, title “Nari Ward:G.O.A.T., again” will be open for view on Saturday and will consist of six commissioned pieces. The pieces, all created by Ward will include a whole flock (that’s right, a flock) of 19 goat statues cast from lawn ornaments strewn around the 5 acre park.

Image Via Socrates Sculpture Park

What do you think of the new Goat exhibit?

The inspiration behind the title comes from the acronym “Greatest of All Time”, which is a tip of the hat to boxing legend Mohammad Ali, as well as L.L. Cool J’s 2000 album. It is also used to experience of African-Americans and political theater.

According to the press release,

“The figure of the goat features prominently in Ward’s articulation of social dynamics, conjuring the animal’s attributes and symbolic

Image Via Socrates Park

connotations, from an ambitious climber of great heights to an outcast.

There will also be a hanging sigh with the word “Apollo” spelled in LED-lit letters, designed to mimic the marquee of the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem. There’s also going to be a large bell in the shape of a billy goat’s genitals.

The exhibit will open from April 29 – September 4, 2017. The opening celebration will take place on Saturday, June 3, from 3-7 PM.