The Small Place Packing A Big Punch; 3E Taste Of Thai

Continuing on our small but tasty exploration through Astoria’s cuisiney goodness, we stumble upon this absolute Thai gem, right on Broadway!

3E Taste of Thai is located at 34-16 Broadway. It’s a rather small place when first spotting it. If not for the large Three on its black awning over the entrance, you could just as easily pass it by in the night.

Image: Looknumb P/Yelp

Image: Looknumb P/Yelp

Walking in, you’re not hit with a sense of Thailand, at all. Unremarkable chairs and tables are lined down the middle and sides, along with wooden benches. The colors of choice are white and orange, and the curvature of the ceiling leaves you with a notion that you just stepped onto a restaurant in a plane. The entire area could possibly seat about 30 on a good night.

There are Thai and Buddhist paintings that adorn the walls, however apart from that, there isn’t much that would give its oriental origin away.

The service is something to be mentioned. Smiles and a welcoming feeling is a perfect beginning to any meal. Most restaurants know, that service counts for a lot; when it comes to customer satisfaction and return. 3E gets an A in that department.

But we’re all here for the food, and the food at 3E Taste Of Thai can only be described as deliciously affordable.

Yep, in an area where more restaurants are popping up, and the prices are rising, it’s always a treat to find a place that still serves great food for a great price.

Image: Jenny L/Yelp

Image: Jenny L/Yelp

Image: Ronald G/Yelp

Image: Ronald G/Yelp

You can’t go wrong with the Neur Yarng Salad. Sliced and marinated beef on a fresh salad with chili tamarind sauce, served with a side of sticky rice. With a dressing made for it. You could actually just drink it straight.

Crispy Duck Over Rice consisted of a mouth watering roasted crispy boneless half duck with asian broccoli and pickled ginger smothered with duck soy sauce.

The Pad Thai – a must for any Thai restaurant – was delicious. The stir-fried rice noodles with scallion, bean sprout, peanut, egg and bean curd was blended to mouthwatering satisfaction.


Image Via Yelp

Our pick for noodles would probably go to Pad Kee Maow. Spice just seems to follow you with every bite of this flat noodle stir fry. Mixed in with vegetables, onion, bell pepper and basil, it’s a sure way to get that blood pumping.

You’ll be hard to go hungry here. If you’re a vegetarian, then 3E offers a range of Thai dishes to suit the herbivore palate. Including a very filling House Tofu Soup. The tofu, although a secondary option for a carnivore, is done right.

Needless to say Astorians, 3E is a gem on Broadway. A chill atmosphere with great service and affordable and exceptional food. This is one worth checking out on your next big date!


Bon Appetite Astoria!


Where: 34-16 Broadway. Astoria, NY 11106

Phone(718) 932-8826