Salt & Bone To Take Over Burnside Biscuits Location

Southern fried chicken spot Burnside Biscuits on 30th and Newtown Avenue has been closed for only a few months, and now the minds behind Bareburger are planning to open up a new eatery on the corner spot.

Image Credit: Jeanmarie Evelly; Salt & Bone Via

Image Credit: Jeanmarie Evelly; Salt & Bone Via

According to DNAinfo, Salt & Bone, will be taking residents in the corner restaurant. They’ll be serving up delicious meats and vegetables all cooked in a smoker which will be fueled by logs of oak. No gas, according to spokeswoman Jesseca Naldo.

Burnside Biscuits, which was also owned by the Bareburger crew, was only open for just over a year before closing. Plans for the future of the store was hinted at after the owners posted a nice note on the door after closure. The note gained momentum from Astorians all guessing at what the spot could become next.

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Bareburger has become a national success, after beginning in Astoria and now having multiple locations across the country. There is still no definite date of opening for the new Salt & Bone, however according to Naldo, early next year would be a reasonable time.