114th Precinct Announces Neighborhood Policing Program

A new Neighborhood Policing Program has been unveiled by the 114th Precinct recently, a program that plans to both help prevent crime while reaching out to the community.

There are currently 8 other commands citywide that have incorporated the new program into their communities. The concept is based on designating Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO’s) who will have their own sectors.

Image: Jeanmarie Evelly/DNAinfo

Image: Jeanmarie Evelly/DNAinfo

There, they will meet and greet residents and local businesses, offering assistants in solving any issues they might have, reported the Queens Gazette. 

Another plus side is the programs reach toward the housing communities. It will spread throughout the Police Service Area 9 (PSA 9) covering: Queensbridge Housing Project, Astoria Houses, Woodside Houses and Ravenswood Houses.

Last week, the precinct introduced 8 NCOs. Each will spend time on foot, patrolling their individual sectors. They will be meeting and greeting with the locals, and familiarizing themselves with the area. The rest of the time they will be following up on investigations along with helping with neighborhood concerns.



NCO Officers Krala and Lewandowski.

Area covered:

Astoria Boulevard South to 37th Avenue, Steinway Street to the Brooklyn- Queens Expressway East and West.


NCO Officers Masouridis and Holly:

Area covered:

19th Street to Astoria Boulevard North, 20th Avenue to Hoyt Avenue North and Shore Boulevard to 81st Street.



NCO Officers Bedoyu and Ferraro

Area covered:

Astoria Boulevard South to Northern Boulevard, Steinway Street to the east side of 21st Street.


NCO Officers Matthes and Esposito

Area Covered:

Astoria Park South to Queens Plaza North, 22nd Street to Main Street on Roosevelt Island.

The communities which will be involved with the new program are urged by Deputy Inspector Peter Fortune to participate by getting to know their NCOs.

The NCOs will also be sharing their NYPD emails and phone numbers with residents in their areas, including business owners.

For more information on the Neighborhood Policing Program at the 114th Precinct or to view a map outlining the new sectors go to: [email protected].

*Featured Image Via 114th Precinct Website.