Doral Donut Shop Fried Its Last Batch Of Donuts


Image: DNA/info

Yet another principle of Old Astoria has closed its doors, Doral Donut Shop once located at 31-16 Broadway is no longer serving the community like it once did for 44 years. The long time neighborhood favorite was best known for its old-fashioned counter and cheap and delicious eats. Many Astorians started their day with a full breakfast for under five dollars and stopped backed in to reenergize on their lunch break.

The cause for the closure is unknown but Doral Donut Shop will surely be missed as it served as a haven for nostalgia that is evermore leaving Astoria. No news yet on what will take Doral’s place but we are positive it won’t have the same charm and feel.

Broadway has gone through a major transformation over the past few years with the influx of gourmet pizza restaurants and specialty stores. Some love it while some don’t and calls for the head of gentrification. Given, the feel and glamor of Old Astoria cannot be replicated and for a lot of us that’s all that we know but is change such a bad thing? As human beings, we adapt, evolve, and embrace change, it’s in our DNA.

What are your feelings on the new faces of Astoria?

Image: DNA/info

*Featured Image Credit:Jeanmarie Evelly/DNAinfo