Aloha NYC, Hawaiian Themed Restaurant To Open On Astoria Blvd.


Aloha, it is a Hawaiian word for hello and goodbye and in this reference, we are saying “Hello!”, not from the other side but to Aloha NYC, a new Hawaiian-themed restaurant, bar, and lounge slated to open for Summer 2016. Opening in the Summer and the atmosphere of Aloha NYC will be perfect as it is synonymous to associate the Hawaiian culture with sun and a laid back comfortable setting.

Christian and Mitchell are the strategic masterminds behind this exciting concept that will soon come to life. The dynamic duo are native New Yorkers and were friends growing up, as life took its course on Christian and Mitchell, it led the boys to separately similar paths. At different and often overlapping times throughout their lives, the young men kept in touch and crossed paths in college and in the U.S. Army (Thank you for your service!). Needless to say that the friendship and the bond between men were strong.

After their service and returning to the states, the men focused on Aloha NYC, and why Astoria you may ask? We are familiar with the neighborhood, it is a great location and we love the culture of Astoria, expressed Christian and Mitchell.

The menu will consist of (you guessed it), Hawaiian inspired cuisine and drinks with a dinner and show option in the works. The target audience will be your young working professionals from 25 years old to 40 that prefers an upscale environment to decompress and have a good time. We’re looking forward to what you have to offer, Aloha NYC!

Until opening day,


Where: 37-02 Astoria Blvd.  

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