QED is your adult after-work go hang out spot


Who remembers the simpler days when you used to stay back after school for the after-school programs/activities? No, not those activities but the wholesome fun and innocent ones like arts and crafts, board games or just a few extra hours to hang out with the squad (before “squad” was a thing). In retrospect, that truly were the age of innocence. They say we can not go back home again and that may be true for some as many of our fellow Astorians came from lands far far aways for reasons as diverse as the community.

In a city that is adapting and challenging, Q.E.D. strives to offer a communal feel to those that enters its door. The space packs in an enormous amount of activities and shenanigans for its cozy setting. The venue almost does it all, it’s a café and rehearsal space by day, then, magically transforms into a fun after-work hang out for classes, events and shows by night.

Events range from arts and crafts, stand-up comedy, tastings, DIY projects, poetry slams, game nights, walking tours, storytelling, gardening, improv, and so much more as they are open to new ideas and suggestions.

As if that was not enough, and if you need a little more, starting April 1st at 9:00AM, Q.E.D. will serve as your new co-working space offering free Wi-Fi, $1 coffee and more!

Q.E.D. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "quod erat demonstrandum". It translates to "that which was demonstrated."


Where: 27-16 23rd Ave

Phone: (347) 451-3873


*Featured Image Credit: Kambri C/Yelp