King of Falafel’s Moving To Ditmars


With the lines already getting long at this brand new brick and mortar, we wondered what would happen to the King of Falafel and Shawarma's food truck of which we loved oh so much over the years. 

Well, it's moving to Ditmars. 

After realizing that the current location isn't the most viable, as the brick and mortar is already there serving Astorians with an expanded menu, owner Freddy Zeideia decided to drive up to Ditmars and roam around a bit. 

The exact location isn't yet stated, and the truck will be seen at multiple stops. 

Astorians in the area will be treated to the same fantastic food Freddy has been serving for years. 

On a Facebook post, Freddy said that he was 'truly grateful to have had the opportunity to serve in the same location in front of C-Town for almost 14 years.'

Well Mr Zeideia, we were truly grateful to be eating it. 


*Featured Image Via King Of Falafel Facebook Page