Illegal Food Delivery Scooters Become Headache In Astoria

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There's been recent complaints from Astoria residents at 114th Precinct Community Council and Community Board 1 meetings, that involve the many delivery scooters buzzing their way through the streets of Astoria.  

Most complaints suggest that the delivery drivers often don't obey street laws, usually driving through red lights, or down  one way streets. 

According to QNS, Earlier this year, on the 26th of January, the 114th Precinct started a 3 day initiative targeting the scooters. After the three days were up, the Precinct confiscated 11 electric scooters and issued 11 summonses to the business owners. 

The NYPD had taken time to also visit local business owners and delivery drivers, letting them know that the electric scooter are illegal. They can't be registered with Department of Motor Vehicles, and since they have a motor and pedals, they aren't seen as bicycles either. 

Captain Fortune of the 114th said that the target is more the businesses that are buying the scooters rather than the delivery men that are told to operate them. 

Captain Fortune also stated that the 114th Precinct is the only one in Queens that have begun action against this issue. 

Councilman Costa Constantinides also chimed in recently, stating that due to the influx of restaurants opening up in Astoria over recent times, there has naturally been an increase in delivery scooters, making it difficult for Astoria drivers or pedestrians to navigate the roads when those delivery drivers don't adhere to the rules, according to QNS. 

Fortune is committed to keeping the incidents to a minimum, and the program along with further measures will be considered as time passes. 


*Featured Image Credit: Kim Nguyen/QNS