MTA Showcases Design For Future Subway Car


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority unveiled designs for a new 'open' model train car which they hope to test drive as a replacement for the current crammed option. 

The open gangway train design is currently used in Toronto, London and Paris and is more comfortable alternative which lets commuters spread out on the length of the train instead of squeezing together on individual cars. 

The prototypes are said to be tested in 2020, however the MTA is looking to spend $52 million on 10 gangway cars for 2 full length trains, according to nydailynews.

Transit experts say that the replacements should boost passenger capacity by %10. 

The trains will be equipped with WiFi, along with charging stations, making commutes more bearable.


The plan is said to aid passengers in moving to less crowded areas when boarding the trains, hence making the experience easier and more efficient.

According to nydailynews, the MTA is planning on awarding the contract some time in 2017.