Subway Etiquette Gone Right!


If you live in New York, you’ve been on the subway, and if you live in New York, you’ve definitely seen a complete lack of subway etiquette on more than one occasion. 

Thefts, people bumping into you, spitting, yelling, men with their legs spread eagle, bags placed all over the seats, riders laying down, women with shopping laid out and much much more. 

But here’s a little hope for humanity on the New York Train, and coming from our own backyard. 

This picture was taken this week on the Q at the Ditmars stop and brought to us by Gothamist.  

He’s well dressed, wearing comfortable shoes and has a bunch of shopping bags along with his messenger bag and scarf (quite the load).

Is he in anyones way? NO! 

The messenger bag is neatly placed on his lap with the scarf folded on top, and every single one of his brightly colored bags is placed in a safe, secure and out of the way fashion. The poster boy for subway etiquette, especially when you can see that the train isn’t even busy. 

So take this opportunity to observe the master at work, and perhaps get a little motivated to make your journey and everyone else’s a little bit better today.