It’s Going To Be A Scorcher Of A Christmas


Well it's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The heat is surging up the East Coast today which will give us one historical Christmas to look forward to. 

Temperatures will be climbing up to 70 degrees with the chance at even higher this week, 30-40 degrees above the norm, according to The Washington Post. 

In New York City Christmas Eve will be a low to mid 60, matching the record temperature of 63 in 1996, while this afternoon should see low 70's breaking the record by ten degrees. 

So why so warm? We have a very strong El Nino event to thank for that. The tropical Pacific warm waters are being infused into the weather patterns and being carried toward the East Coast. 

The Washington Post reported that the El Nino event, along with the ever climbing greenhoue gas emmision will cause 2015 to become one of the warmest globally by quite a margin. 

Good news is, if it doesn't rain, we can have a BBQ! 


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