Astoria Blvd Is Focus In DOT Meeting


Last week, residents from Astoria and East Elmhurst gathered with elected leaders along with Department of Transportation officials to discuss the traffic safety improvements along Astoria Boulevard, between 77th to 92nd streets. 

The workshop was an opportunity for the residents to put forth ideas and concerns about the safety of the Blvd. City Councilman Costa Constantinides was also there to ensure that the exchange of ideas would be considered. 

Some of the problems, according to Timesledger, which Astoria Blvd has had over the years are;

– 3 fatalities since 2010

-Up to 200 injuries

-Almost 60 percent of vehicles speeding

-Only 6 crosswalks over 16 blocks causing problems with pedestrians

-Difficult for elderly pedestrians or those with disabilities to cross along the 100 foot wide Blvd

-Multi-legged intersections cause for confusion in lane designation

According to Timesledger, Constantinides told the residents that all the suggestions would be taken into account while the traffic safety plan is being designed. 


*Featured Image Credit: Constantinides’ office/Timesledger

*Error: Fetalities/Fatalities