Fancy Some Yoga?

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With the drop in weather, a drop in physical activity quickly follows, and one finds oneself almost all to quickly snuggled up on the couch for the majority of the winter. But if you're like the very few that wish to stay active without having to fight the chill, then Yoga is most definitely the ideal medium. 

Warm up your body and soul as you delve into the many stretches and poses of a freeing experience. 

For those who wish to try out what Astoria has to offer, or are just starting off, here are some of our picks for the best around. 


Yoga Agora

This studio is perhaps one of the best around. Affordable and accommodating for those who work even the oddest hours, it can hold up to 40 people. Various instructors focus on various elements, from meditation to particular poses and central themes, and are extremely capable and welcoming. A definite must. 

Where: 33-02 Broadway. 2nd Fl, Astoria

Phone: 718-626-0680


Anthea Center

Extraordinary. Excellent. Incredible. Amazing. Just some of the things people say about Anthea Center, and they are most certainly not wrong. This place is amazing, to put it lightly. Great atmosphere, and a fantastic focus on what Yoga should be about, to uplift the spirit while healing the body. Anthea Center also provides things such as massage therapy, reiki healing and really cool events. 

Where: 34-01 45th St, 2nd Fl. Astoria

Phone: 718-606-0049


Heart and Soul of Yoga

This place isn't all that big and available, but that's the beauty of it. It's smaller setting and smaller classes gives each student the chance for individual attention. This is a perfect setting for beginners, or those who wish to really focus on themselves and get away from the more crowded yoga places. 

Where: 32-18 35th St. Basement, Astoria

Phone: 718-932-2567


The Yoga Room

Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pilates, and all within one of the nicest yoga studios there is. The studios are a Yogi favorite. They're really nicely decorated and calming, helping to relaxes your senses and enrich your experience even more. Instructors although faced with quite a few students, still make a connection with everyone and will always be there to help. 

If you're feeling like more than a beginner, or a little adventurous, try the Aerial Yoga, and see if gravity is truly your friend. 

Where: 38-01 35th Ave. Astoria

Phone: 718-274-0255


So whether you're feeling a little down in spirits, or wanting to get a little more out of your body, yoga is always one of the best things for you. Try out the above, or find your own little getaway. Either way, enjoy!