Mussels N Sausages To Open On Ditmars


There's a new restaurant opening up on Ditmars and 35th Street, and you might've guessed what their key ingredients will be by the name. 

Owner Francis Staub (a cookware designer from France) who also owned Francis Cafe, which was the previous occupant of the spot, according to DNAinfo, is behind the new endevour. 

The restaurant will have side dishes like french fries, mashed potatoes and garlic spinach, along with cocktails, wine and craft beer, but the majority of your plate will consist of either Mussels or Sausages. 

General Manager Tarcisio Costa told DNAinfo that he hopes the neighborhood will embrace the new restaurant as a fun and relaxing place where people can enjoy good food. 

They hope to open the doors a week after Thanksgiving.