Tip Top Brain Learning Center, Helping Students of Astoria Achieve More


Nicolas Triantaphilides and Ourania Liandrakis are two NYU graduates who were born and bred in Astoria. 

Both have a huge passion for education and more than 5 years tutoring experience. And both feel the need to give something back to their community, and more importantly, the children in that community. 

And so together, they have opened up Tip Top Brain, a tutoring center that inspires to help the youth of Astoria to better their academic skills in order to achieve more. 

'We love Astoria. We went to school here and want to give back to the community’ the two told GMA, and it’s that same passion that has motivated them to undertake such a project.

The center has two floors and keeps the teacher to student ratio as small as possible (1:6), teaching anyone from Kindergarten to 12th grade 

It works well with school days, with openings on weekdays from 1p.m-8p.m (classes start at 3pm) and Saturdays from 10a.m to 4p.m.

But this is not your usual learning center. The two Astorians have aspired to something more than just that, using their knowledge of how the brain works with respect to education in order to guide their students to academic success.

So what does Tip Top Brain do?

Tip Top Brain Learning Center has a range of capabilities and programs that are put in place so as to give your child the best possible learning experience.

– Programs that work with Remediation (students that fall behind in school work/grades) and Enhancement (Students who aren't falling behind but who wish to do better). 

– They offer either private or tutoring groups. 

– There is an emphasis on neuroscience, in which they enrich their environment with positive feedback and help them learn about their brains so that the students themselves are able to enhance their learning experience.  

– Parents will receive feedback on their child's learning regularly. 

'Lexile Range' is a system in which the students' reading ability is measured, allowing students to find books that are perfect for them


– “Essay drop-off”: They offer a unique service for students in need of essay help. “You simply ‘drop-off’ your essay and let us know when you need it by. When the time comes for pick-up, you sit with the tutor for a brief conference to discuss corrections, ideas, and any other finishing touches. Our tutors give positive feedback and encourage our students throughout their writing process.”

– Scientific/art Saturday program, grades 2-6 and enrollments are now open. They offer a one-of-a-kind science-infused Saturday program with “engaging and enriching science classes every Saturday, ranging from nutrition to the human body,” in which they also incorporate “reading/writing and math skills” throughout. To top it all off, their weekly classes also consist of “cool art projects that relate to the units covered.”


As well as the above, here are some things to look forward to from Tip Top Brain Learning center, that will help your children get more involved in all manners of academia. 

  • Halloween Extravaganza for all students from K1-6 on Thursday October 29th and Friday October 30th, from 4 p.m to 8 p.m. Students get to dress up in their costumes, receive homework help, along with a Halloween themed Math/ELA worksheets. There will be pizza and drinks, super spooky storytelling, games/activities and more. 

  • Scientific/art Saturday program, grades 2-6. The first theme will be Body & Mind and enrolments are now open.


Parents who have children who are looking to better their learning, or just enhance their skills in all matters of school can take the chance to enroll now to receive enrolling specials.


Where: 21-71 A Steinway street.