Maybe No Hurricane, But Bad Weather Ahead



Well, the newest models for Joaquin shows it passing west off the East Coast toward the sea, saving New York from a potential full scale emergency. 

Currently, Joaquin is moving through the Bahamas, and the winds are up toward 130mph in the Category 4 storm. 

Extensive models about the trajectory of the storm have been changing quite a bit over the last week or so, however most have now come to the conclusion that the storm will move out toward the sea, and not hit New York.

This isn't to say that we'll be in the clear. Bad weather is still on the books this weekend with mid 50's, and the rain is yet to slow down. Residents in coastal areas should still be very much aware and prepared for high winds and potential flooding. 

Emergency centers are still preparing for worst case scenarios across the city, particularly across Long Island. 

To all those Astorians looking to head out and about, be warned and rug up! Grab an umbrella and stay safe and dry. And if possible, try to stay home. 


And have a safe weekend Astoria!