Students Ripped Off at William Cullen Bryant HS

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William Cullen Bryant HS is once again in the lime light for all the wrong reasons. 

This time, the school hired a bunch of tech smart students to do some repairs and servicing on computers, after which administrators told the students that they didn't have any money to pay them. 

This was after administrators promised the students minimum wage with a total of $2000 each, reported The New York Post. 

Department of Education is currently investigating the situation, after 6 students claimed that they 'worked like dogs' from 8 a.m to 3 p.m for 10 weeks in summer last year. 

'It was very hot' one student told The New York Post, 'they made us lift heavy computers and printers' claiming that on some occasions, the make do workers didn't have any lunch. 


The unfairness of the situation was made worse when principal Namita Dwarka called the students and their parents into her office and threatened to discipline them, after emails that two students sent to the school counselor describing the situation were forwarded to Dwarka, reported The New York Post. 

The teacher in charge of the students at the time, Henry Huezo is also under investigation, with students claiming he was hardly ever present during the 25 hour work weeks. 


This isn't the first time Bryant High School has come up in recent news, with student Melissa Mejia earlier this year complaining that the High School let her graduate when she clearly didn't deserve to, sparking an investigation by the DOE into alleged falsification of student grades. 


Then there was the alleged sex scandal that was brought to the attention of gym teacher Peter Maliarakis by a student via Facebook, who claimed that Assistant Principal Pelagia Papoutsis, might have had an affair with a former student, according to Times Ledger. 




*Featured Image Credit: J.C. Rice Via The New York Post