NYC’s Best In Frozen Yogurt!

Well it looks like there is another reason to come to Astoria. Multiple flavors and toppings, served in a cup. Frozen yogurt!

That’s right, Astoria has been named the official (unofficially) Frozen Yogurt District!

And with temperatures not looking to subside any time soon, people are flocking to the Fro-Yo capital to cool off.


The eight-block, two-avenue section of Astoria is home to eight different frozen yogurt and ice cream shops, abc7ny sampled.

We all know the five shops that run on 30th Avenue, between Steinway and 31st street. Already plenty to choose from. Then there’s a couple on Broadway and another on Steinway. Basically a large square where you got all you need to sample some delicious tastes.


Some must sees include:

  • 16 Handles (30th Avenue near 37th Street)

  • Sunberi (near 35th Street)

  • Red Mango (Steinway Street about a half block south of 30th Avenue)

  • Vanilla Sky (Broadway between 34th Street)

  • Baskin Robbins (Broadway near 34th Street)

Or you can just hop between Baskin Robins, Fresk’o Yogurt and Carvel on 30th round 32nd street.

We all know how it works, and most charge by weigh. You go in, grab a cup, fill it up, top it up and pay. Simplicity at its best. And with the array of choices in NYC’s Fro-Yo District, you’re never in want.

Bon Appetite Astoria!


*Featured Image Credit Groupon