Shore Boulevard Petition Picks Up Speed!


Following the letter penned by Assemblywoman Simotas to the Department of Transportation asking that Shore Boulevard be closed to cars, a petition was quickly started to have it stay just the way it is.

The Petition – on – has already gained 500 supporters.


People signing to keep ‘The Strip‘ say that the fact ‘you can drive there and park and just hang out is the reason why we love going’

one resident commented.


There has also been the issue of the elderly and disabled who would find it difficult to get to the view point without the use of a car.

Many families and friends gather along The Strip with chairs and music while talking away the summer nights in front of the city view.


So far, it looks like the petition for a thumbs down on the change may be strong enough to stop it.

But the issue of road safety is still very much a threat.


One idea could be to make the Boulevard into a share-way.

By rebuilding the road so that both cars and pedestrians will be able to use it and applying stricter speed limits, with heavier vehicles being banned. The cars will give way to pedestrians and the road will be made narrower.


Whatever the outcome may be, it is clear that safety will be an issue and must be dealt with, accidents and races still do happen on The Strip, which at night sees a higher accident risk, especially to children who may run into the road.


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