The Little Bar That Did


Monotony is DEAD at Albatross Bar. Nestled away on 24th Avenue and 37th Street, Albatross has everything you need, everyday of the week- drop dead gorgeous bartenders included. The new Captain at the helm is Nathan,an Astorian originally from Ireland, who took reign a year ago because he felt the LGBTQ bar business was dying in Astoria but had so much potential. And, rightfully so, if you wander across the bridge you’ll get your fix of mega-clubs and tourists filled venues (nothing against tourists), which are all fun but what if you want a communal feel? Shall we say, go somewhere where everybody knows your name. It’s hard to do so with people you may never see again.


The Bartenders:
Gorgeous, friendly & attentive. Eye candy at its finest. These guys know what they’re doing and will do whatever it takes to keep a smile on your face. Not sure what to drink? Simply ask for a recommendation and they’ll do the rest: sip & swallow slowly.The bartenders have set schedules, so, you’ll know who’s working and when, which adds to the communal feel; when you come home you want to know who will be there.


The Space:
Nathan saw an emerald and is bringing that gem to it’s glory, something it has never seen before. From installing a completely new draft system to a new paint job and updating all the old appliances, Albatross is surely on its way to becoming Astoria’s best (not-so-kept) secret. If you want to go somewhere where you may meet your new bff, have great/stimulating organic conversations with complete strangers, then, you should spread eagle for Albatross.


Go out and make a friend,


Albatross Bar

3619 24th Ave

Astoria, NY 11103

(718) 204-9707

IG: AlbatrossAstoria

Twitter: AlbatrossNYC

Queries : [email protected]