Burnside Biscuits Grand Opening July!

The offshoot of Bareburger, Burnside Biscuits, is set for a grand opening, July 20th, after a soft open this Monday.

The new concept restaurant will focus on a southern-style biscuit and fried chicken kitchen with the authentic Bareburger flair.

Between its soft and grand opening, the restaurant will only serve dinner, with some of delectable’s that might make it to the menu being;

baked and crispy potatoes, biscuit sandwiches, crispy forest mushroom ragu, blackened catfish and old school fried chicken.


Burnside Biscuits will be located at 32-07 30th Ave. Hard to miss.

The interior is set to be spacious and comfortable, plenty of room for guests to wonder around, while the open kitchen adds to the ambiance.

Along with inside, the restaurant  will also hopefully have around 30 tables in an outside area, where guests can mingle and enjoy the weather.


32-07 30th Avenue, Astoria.