King of Falafel to Open Brick and Mortar in Astoria

It’s a new era for the King of Falafel: The king is getting a castle! We had a chance to catch up with Freddy, the man behind the bright green falafel truck, and find out details on his new brick and mortar location.


Freddy was beaming ear to ear – like a little kid whose dreams have finally come true. Essentially, that’s what’s happened.


“We’ve been here for thirteen years now, right on this corner. But I’ve always wanted a real brick and mortar restaurant, and it’s finally happening!” He tells us smiling wide.




A sit down restaurant has been a long time coming for Freddy.


“I searched everywhere for locations to expand – I was in Chicago looking around. Then, I came home and the location just opened up! Right on Broadway, right where we’ve been for so long.”


The new location is barely a hop and a skip away from the truck that Freddy has manned for thirteen years, serving up amazing, authentic Mediterranean food to locals. He’s made a name for himself by his friendly, laughing disposition, and the way he always serves everyone with a smile. Plus, who can forget the free falafels while you’re waiting in line.


The new restaurant, located in the old Chirping Chicken space at 30-15 Broadway, will accommodate his ever growing list of customers. If you stop by the truck on a warm day, you’ll see lines spreading down the block as far as you can see.  The restaurant will give residents two places to grab Freddy’s food.


“There’s a lot of Mediterranean food on Steinway, but I’m the first on Broadway. I wanted to bring authentic Mediterranean to this area of Astoria – and no one does it like me!” He says jokingly.


It’s all friendly competition here. Freddy says, “A lot of the restaurants were excited that I was finally opening a sit down restaurant! We’ve all been here for so long, we know each other, we want each other to succeed. They were really supportive, and are really happy that I have a space now!”


So, at the King of Falafel brick and mortar, we’ll see the classic menu we have now. There’s also going to be some new items added – more salads and other items. You’ll also be able to see most of the food being made, as Freddy plans to have an open kitchen layout.


The prices will stay low – with just a small increase to make up for the seating. Believe us, it’ll be worth it to sit and enjoy a fresh fluffy falafel and juicy rice and meat! The plans are currently for 30 seats, but Freddy says he may make room for some more. The décor and vibe will be really casual – something he’s adamant on.


“We can’t go from a food truck to a high end classy restaurant. That’s not our style, and not what our customers want. We’ll always be comfortable and casual – amazing street food, but now inside!”


We’re really excited for the grand opening – especially because it’s right down the block from the Give Me Astoria offices! You can bet we’ll be indulging in a lot more King of Falafel. Freddy’s aiming for a May opening, so keep an eye out!