Most Precious Blood Renovations Offered by Developers

As most of you know, Most Precious Blood Catholic school recently announced that they’ll be closing their doors. This news came to the dismay of many residents – both who currently have children attending the school, or alumni that attended in their own youth.


The closing was in response to the school literally falling apart – something that parents say should have been addressed much earlier – before it got this far. The school and church both need repairs that extend into the millions, and Most Precious Blood does not have the funds – enrollment is at a mere 191 students.




Cue Venetian Management LLC, who, according to original reports by The Queens Chronicle, have stepped in to save the day. They have offered to do the costly repairs pro-bono, or to defer payment to a different firm. That means millions out of pocket for the firm. They offered $10 million to fix the parking lot, $2.55 million for the school, and $3 million for the church.


Now – let’s be honest. Something seems a little fishy. That’s nearly $16 million that a firm in Forest Hills is deciding to generously donate to a failing Catholic school in Astoria. We’re just wondering what the eventual price is – could we lose the space to these developers? What if enrollment doesn’t go up? We’d be interested to hear the full story here.