“Con Edison” ThievesTargeting Elderly Astoria Residents

An Astoria resident recently shared with us the story of how his elderly parents were targeted and almost robbed – and it’s a scam we’re seeing more and more of.


To protect all involved, we’ve kept the names anonymous. The local Astoria man told us he gave his elderly parents a call – and called at the right time. When they picked up, his mother told him Con Edison was in the house.


Supposedly, two men from Con Edison came to “check up,” for necessary work, donning official looking outfits. They allowed them inside – and one distracted them with conversation, while the other rummaged through the house looking for valuables.


This is when our source called – and immediately demanded to speak to the men. They got spooked and ran – but not everyone is this lucky.


We’ve learned that this is an ongoing ruse – and it’s particularly targeting the elderly. These two men find their way into the house by tricking the residents or homeowners, and proceed to rob them of as much as they can carry out. This could mean anything from money to expensive jewelry.


The best way to prevent these thieves is to raise awareness – make sure you tell everyone – not just the elderly, to be on high alert. If someone comes to your door claiming to be Con Edison, or any other official city worker – ask for ID. Call the office – if they’re official, they’ll have no problem waiting while you confirm that they’re legitimate. Most importantly: Do not let anyone you don’t know into your house. 


You might be thinking, “Come on, Give Me Astoria, this is common sense,” but sometimes a quick lapse of judgement could mean the worse.