Single? You Don’t Want to Miss This Party!

So there’s a lot of candlelit dinners going on for Valentine’s day, and lots of couple oriented events… but what about for those of us that are single!? There’s one place in Astoria that’s got us covered: Katch.

Katch is throwing a Nuts and Bolts Party, and it’s actually an awesome way to meet other singles, or even just meet some new people – and just mingle!



So here’s how it works. If you’re a girl you get a nut, and if you’re a guy you get a bolt. Sound simple enough? Well, 1 in 5 nuts and bolts is a perfect match – and if you find yours, you both get FREE shots of Jameson. Plus, there’s no cover charge.

It’s going to be loads of fun! Plus, if you mention Give Me Astoria, you get a free Katch Brew Beer (just make sure you grab an entree, too!)


If you still want more fun, here’s some more events Katch is having soon!