Field Day for Adults!

We seriously miss the days of looking forward to getting out of class, heading to a park, and having field day! Naturally, Astoria would have an event that is both nostalgia inducing and super fun – the Battle of the Bars.

Battle of the Bars is a time for people to enjoy a day of fun activities with the ultimate goal to win “The Trophy”. Every year the winning bar puts a plaque on the trophy with their name on it and get to keep it in their place of business until the next years competition. The games do not involve any kind of drinking.


This year Battles of the Bars 2014 will be taking place Sunday September 14th (tentative date), 2 weeks after Labor Day Weekend. The games will begin at 1 pm. As with last year we will have a myriad of fun competitive games!

The events are as follows:

Tug of War ( 6 members participate)

Dodgeball (2 members from each team)

3 legged race (two members)

Egg Toss (2 member teams)

Relay race (4 member teams) with each team member twirling around bat before running

Sponge relay (5 members) Each team needs two buckets of water and two large sponges. Each team lines up with a bucket of water at the front of the line The team passes the wet sponges over their heads to the end of the line. At the end of the line the last person squeezes the sponge out into the other bucket–and then runs to the front of the line and starts it again. You can have two sponges going at the same time. First one top fill second bucket wins

Two in a Tube (2 members) each team gets in a hula hoop and runs, first one to finish line wins
Server tray Race each participant gets a “tray” of cups and must run through an obstacle course to other side and fill a bucket first team to fill wins.

Wheelbarrow race (2 members) first team to get across finish line wins

Musical Chair. Pie! It’s musical chairs but each chair has a pie. Last man sitting wins

Server race: (2 team member) “tray” full of cups , carry them to one side and fill bucket.

Rules and regulations:

10 person teams, minimum 4 girls, a mix of employees and regulars
Each team member must compete in at least one event, tug of war does not count.
Points will be given to 1st,2nd,3rd place in each event. Team with most points wins.
In an event of a tie, the tied teams will have to come up with a cheer for said business, and the other bars will judge by applause.
For those who want to compete, if you are a regular at any of the following watering holes see if you can be on their team: William Hallet , Sweet Afton, Ovelia, Mexi BBQ, Sunswicks, Daly’s, Pop Bar, Bowery Bay, Sparrow, Vesta Vino, Pachanga Patterson, or Rapture.