Two Days Left of the Astoria Flea!

There’s just TWO days left of the Astoria Flea – so if you haven’t had time to check it out this summer, now’s your last chance!

The flea has been going strong since May 4th – which is a long time. Seriously, it’s been a whopping four months. The flea even got extended longer than its original planned closing date because it was just so good.

On any given day, there’s between 40 and 50 vendors, and the cool part about the flea is that they rotate pretty regularly. You can try a new vendor every time you stop by, so it’s always a fun event to stop by on Sunday. You can have a completely new experience each time!

You’ll absolutely want to go to the Astoria Flea on a completely empty stomach. The major offerings here are food – lots and lots of food – and drinks. Most dishes range between $5
and $12, and you definitely don’t want to fill up at just one vendor. We’ve found the best way to experience it all is to go with a small group and try out as much as you can – until the inevitable food coma kicks in – in which case you can relax in one of the many seating areas, and listen to the music.

Here’s some things you can try out the next few weeks!

Lobster Hush Puppies from An Artistic Taste


Korean Chicken and Waffles


Roasted Black Sesame Shaved Snow Cream


Vegan/Gluten Free Pies

BBQ Brisket and Strawberry Lemonade

Instagram/Elena V.

And Tea and Milk, who are celebrating the one year anniversary! (Tomorrow is their last day at the flea!) Plus, they put out this special:

For every purchase over the weekend, our awesome customers will be offered FREE Boba (Tapioca, Bubbles etc.) topping on their drink(s), and will be entered into our anniversary raffle for a chance to win great prizes! The names of the winners will be announced on our Facebook page on Sunday at 9:00pm EST, along with the instructions on how to claim your prize(s).


Have you been to the Astoria Flea this summer? Who was YOUR favorite vendor!?