Naked Astorian in East River!

A local Astorian, Claudio Colome, recently went for a dip…and got more than he bargained for.

The enthusiastic swimmer jumped in around Rainey Park on Thursday at about 4 am, but the strong current pulled him out. He was spotted hanging on to a buoy about 200 feet from Governor’s Island – by a crew member on a Staten Island Ferry Boat.


Supposedly he was just hanging out on the buoy, but was eagerly rescued. He says he wasn’t suicidal – maybe just a little bit hot? Before jumping in, Claudio was walking his pug. The dog has yet to be found, unfortunately.

It’s unclear why he was naked… but hey, to each his own. Sometimes swimming feels extra liberating. Who knows.

So, if you can’t deal with the summer heat, Astorians – jump in the pool… not the river. It’s much safer.