Salivating Over Sanford’s

Sanford’s has been around for DECADES, and along with all the great new restaurants, we think it’s important to visit the classics as well. Sanford’s has been in the same family for two generations, and is truly a comfortable place to go and eat.

First of all, Sanford’s is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we get hungry at 4 am more often than we’d like to admit. And shockingly, you can almost always find people here in the middle of the night. We hate the term ‘city that never sleeps’…but, it’s true. The vibe here is…updated dinerish. Like a diner masquerading as a restaurant.

Brunch Mussels

One of the best offerings Sanford’s has is brunch, and it’s consistently a hit. The downside here is that, because it’s such a popular spot, we’ve often found ourselves waiting anywhere between 10 and 25 minutes for a seat. Is it worth it? For us, yes. But understandably, some people are grouchy when they haven’t had their morning coffee.

We like the classics like pancakes, french toast, eggs and sausage. But can you ever go wrong with those choices? Probably not. It’s hard to mess up eggs. If you’re into a heavier brunch, the Bistro Burger is killer, but the BBQ Pulled Pork Burger is one of our favorites – as is the the Crab Cake Benedict – which is made with 100% lump crab meat.

For lunch here, the salads are great if you’re looking for something a little lighter – while still being filling. We love Sanford’s portions – they’re always enough to get us really full – especially at the really affordable prices. Again, diner vibe, diner pricing. Great quality, though.

If you’re a pasta lover (which we SO are. ridiculously pasta loving) then the 10$ pre-fix pasta plate is a great choice. Something you probably haven’t tried before – and absolute should – is the Penne with Grilled Chicken and Creamy Avocado Sauce. Another unique choice is the Gouda Stuffed Duck Burger. So good.

Gouda Stuffed Duck Burger. Photo Credit: Bradley H.


30-13 Broadway
Astoria NY 11106